Thursday Night


Evening Bedwetters, how goes it?
I’m not working tomorrow so the long Birthday weekend begins here (Sunday thanks for asking!!!), and by begins I mean cooking a bit of rice, watching Question Time and falling asleep before 12

Also received this jaunty postcard from darkest Austria, cheers @_Em! I suppose I am represented by the child here although feel a sort of kinship with both.

What’s everyone else doing?


alright r-dog. pretty much just sat refreshing DiS and lamenting my lack of money or owt to do at the moment. might have some work tomorrow and saturday thankfully.


Evening Ruffers

Doing ok here - watching 1983 TOTP on BBC4 and having a nice coffee stout.

Some stuff at work tomorrow I’m not looking forward to much, but them I’m going out for Tapas with a girl I like, so swings and roundabouts


Had pizza down the pub. Gonna go home and snuggle under a duvet on the sofa soon cos our flat is arctic cold.


Aye only worked two days this week myself, things are getting a bit Dickensian again. Think when I’ve recovered from this weekend I’m going to have to find something else but so seriously cannot be arsed it’s untrue.


I am eating pasta and trying not to burst a major blood vessel over an essay.


Tapas and good company, sounds like a crackin’ night Tim.


I was going to say at least you have pizza… :frowning:


Also got a birthday card from my dearest sister telling me off for not thinking about her, so that was nice.


aye, can’t remember the last time i hoped to have work on a friday night. got a terminal case of ennui right now.


I’ll be in Spoons saturday night if you’re around


hoping i’ll be working but will see


I have some pizza bases to make pizza tomorrow. At least I have that to live for.


Eevvveeening, just in from the gym and I’m sprawled on the bed…Can’t. Move.

Can someone make me dinner, chew it and then pop it in my mouth please? Like we’re penguins. Would be great.

@sarahispi I’m having a pizza party for one tomorrow night!! Wanna pizza party together?


I have no-one else to pizza party with, so ok. What are you gonna have on your pizza? I was planning on mushrooms.


Just made the best mattar paneer I’ve ever had :+1:


Just had the most godawful phone conversation with my mum about how both her children’s debilitating depression isn’t her fault.
Life’s a fucking joyless trudge.


Haha yaaay!! I was planning on having garlic mushrooms on mine plus prosciutto and mascarpone.


(March Waitrose magazine, curry fans)


Hey all! Listening to a Thundercat and Flying Lotus interview while cleaning my bass. Might head to a jam session in the next hour.