Thursday Night

What’s happening? What are you eating? What are you watching? Sirely you aren’t going out in this temperature?

I’m still unwell. Going to bang in an Iceland curry. All I seem to be able to taste is spice and a bit of saltiness so I might have to chuck some chilli flakes in too.

I need something to watch too. Any suggestions?

how do you like your baths?

  • warm
  • hot
  • painfully hot
  • don’t like 'em at all

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chippy tea as it is mrS birthday

telly now I suppose. mid week mid forties birthdays are fairly dull huh?


M wanted a McDonald’s so had veggie burger and fries. Awful. Put the tree up. Also awful. Makes me so twitchy and anxious.

Annoyed with boring things like deliveries and all my wet towels still soaking and probably going to go mouldy before the new washing machine arrives on Sunday.

What a boring post.

Did go out to the shops and it was freezing, but bonus of the house feeling warm when I got back.

Deliveroo had a £10 off when you spend £25 so last minute takeaway.


Going to see CMAT :cowboy_hat_face: :mirror_ball: :man_dancing:


I’m going to play 5 a side

waiting for my friend who’s giving me a lift. he said 7.30-ish

-ish isn’t 7+ minutes with a 2° multiplier!!

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‘One Chilli’ is amusing to me.


Hey. Just had a misery sweet and sour microwave meal as I’m still at work for another 3hrs or so. Nothing else to say really.


The meat + chips and samosa were mine.
Just about to have a gingerbread cookie for pudding.

Been playing with the dog and it’s just about time where he’ll climb onto my lap and go to sleep…


Going to watch White Lotus unless anyone is about to tell me that it’s shite?

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Yep (just kidding, didn’t enjoy the first one, I imagine if ya did it’s ace)

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Had the blues real bad today but I’m alright now. Just getting dinner ready and drinking a beer and listening to Sandy Denny, and got finales of Andor and Candy to watch.

Think my funk today has been a combination of post holiday blues and hangover - went for sort-of-Christmas-drinks with a bunch of other freelancers last night.

Omg, I saw that John Lewis had an evening with free wine and seriously DiS I’ve pretty much had a bottle


Am rewatching Andor to see if it gets rid of my sads. Ep2 and not so far.

The saddest thing that I’d ever seen, was the one chilli chicken and saag balti

(It was tasty and also a good way to warm up)

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One man, one goal
One mission
One heart, one soul
Just one solution
One flash of light
Yeah, one god, One Chilli!


Really enjoying this photo essay :clinking_glasses:


Did it change your shopping output? Did you buy more than you’d planned to? Or less, cos you needed a wee after a bottle of free wine?

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