Thursday Night

What’s happening?

Oh no, double thread again. Use this one, I’ll scrap mine

My favourite weeknight by a mile. Love a Thursday.

Big bowl of pasta, tub of raspberry ripple ice cream, Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice.


I’m going to make fish and chips for dinner and then watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with film club.

Didn’t get much work done today but I’m mostly waiting for other people to approve stuff anyway


I’m working

Still at work. Probably grabbing a chippy on way home.


I realised at 6pm that I hadn’t had any emails all day. Restarted Outlook and saw that I’d missed over 50 messages. Oops!

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Urggg posted in the day thread after evening thread has started. Now no one will know what happened to my microwave

Making cheese and bacon toasties

I’m also having a big bowl of pasta tonight. Love a Thursday evenjng


What you gonna get?

Either sausage supper with loads of vinegary tomato sauce or a fish supper with curry sauce.

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T-minus 50 hours and 28 minutes until we see Queen of all our Hearts, Carly Rae Jepsen, @Gnometorious


Raspberry ripple as well. Was just telling ma wee niece earlier that that along with mint choc chip are my favourite flavours of ice cream :slightly_smiling_face:


Was out appraising a job in Florida, back now off tomorrow. Beeeeerrrssss.

Ordered a vodka cranberry on the flight at like 9AM. Lady next to me gave me the most evil eye ever. Was funny.



Was quite looking forward to salmon + veg + potatoes for tea but wife wanted pizza so whatever.

Dragons Den + Apprentice if I’m still awake

Been cleaning the kitchen and that after work and now I’m very weary. Kievs and waffles for tea, just had a big chunk of Spam as a fridge snack. Probably just sit around, watch the apprentice and read my book till sleepytime.

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Got a real sweet tooth at the moment. might hold out for a sweet coke at the pub

Been liking every Kae Tempest song I’ve heard recently, think I’m broken

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Painting the other half of the lounge. Regretted starting about 5mins in. Feel like I’m gonna have a hilarious slapstick disaster as too close to furniture in the middle of the room. Not had any booze in about….36 days. Feel like breaking the run tonight….

A true man of taste. Can’t beat when you get a big clump of jam. Jackpot.