Thursday Nights in London

Anyone know any decent club nights on Thursdays in London? Looks like there might be something at Corsica Studios, but can’t find much else. Specifically looking to go out somewhere on Thursday 26th October and celebrate my (40th) birthday.

Evian Christ is on at Outernet

All My Friends in White Post Lane

Your Mum’s House at Xoyo

It’s also worth keeping an eye on the Dalston Superstore listings as they can add stuff fairly late. I think it’s likely to be Happy Endings:

And the listings on Resident Advisor

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Bit nearest the time I’d recommend having a look what’s on at new river studios. One of my fave places but what sort of music are you looking for?

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Cheers - I have had a look at the RA listings a couple of times but they are often not especially descriptive.

Never heard of this place, sounds interesting - will defo need to have another search nearer to the time as certainly seems like a lot of stuff gets confirmed relatively last minute. Pretty flexible genre-wise, think venue / vibes is more important tbh. Going to be at the Protomartyr gig at the Electric Ballroom earlier in the evening btw.