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Welcome to what will hopefully become the new home for the DiS forums, hosted by

There’s still a lot to tweak and perhaps rethink, but we’ve kept it as simple as possible.

Please use Site Feedback - Drowned in Sound | Community for any thoughts, concerns, suggestions and ideas. Especially if there’s any part of the process we might not have realised still has generic text or didn’t work for whatever reason.

The current plan is to keep the old DiS forums active until early October and then lock all of the old threads, in some weird preserved state.

Test away and hopefully these new-fangled forums (which work great on your phone - fyi!) will slowly begin to feel familiar and eventually feel like home.


Why does this have no replies?

Now it has one.


Two jsgbkjahbfv


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I replied to this via email.

HELLO 2001


Ohhhh spooky, it’ll be like DiS Chernobyl or something


What in the world.

I like a good reply, don’t you? Emoji → :eyeglasses:

Boss 'ere init :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: X

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Is the UB still accessible? I thought the only way into this thread was by going to your profile and clicking on a link to a post you’d made in it.

or if someone @'s you (which is how I ended up here of course).

Anyway, is this the new TST?

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Ah yes of course!

Should we invite the old TSTers?? I think @Jeremys_Iron should be told at least as he is still TST leader.

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