Thursday once more

Alright? Ready for another sweat-drenched day at work, hopefully the temperature is going down tomorrow so that’ll be nice. Might wash the car when I get home, something to look forward to. What you got going on?


Hey Ivor! Day off for me, so Im up early about to go fishing. Trying to get out there for a bit before the rain is supposed to come at 5am. #dedicatedtothecause. Hope everyone has a good morning!


Jab II: The Jabbening for me.

Which is good, more looking forward to the few hours off work in the short term


Morning sugars!

Off to work for a training day, two hours of mental well being on teams in a school hall. What bliss!!

Then throwing away large quantities of stuff in my room, then it is a barbecue later.

Got my new jumpsuit on. Fresh as mates, fresh as. :muscle:


Hey everyone- I’m doing a yoga class this morning, might swim after if I feel like it

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Morning all!

The weather here is deceptively chilly and a bit of light drizzle. It’ll be 27 degrees by 11.00.

I’m going to get a blood test first thing and then dunno. Edit: Need to prep some tofu for tea tonight.

Enjoy your final day at work @Slicky - well deserved! I hope the wellbeing session is appropriately mental.

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Morning all. I’m ill not covid ill just child passing something to adult from nursery ill. I’ll be in bed all day.

Got a tour today, think my feet can just about cope with it.

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plasticmike seems to be suffering some sort of Pfizer second jab side effects which meant I had a terrible night’s sleep. Nevermind.

Got a friend staying and waiting for her to get up for coffee. I think I can hear her alarm going off intermittently. Come on mate, hurry up.

Actually another day tomorrow!! Ofsted readiness, on the last Friday of term on 30 degrees heat…what a treat!! :person_shrugging:

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Slept decent last night, a fair bit of exercise knackers you out, WHO KNEW?

Double bill at the cinema tonight, not a huge deal more to report.

Heading down south for two weddings this weekend, so at the airport having a wine :wine_glass:



Will I make it three sea swims in three days? I’m already wearing my swimmers, so it’s pretty much a yes unless things go pear shaped between now and lunchtime


I made iced tea instead of cold brew, if anyone cares.

Picture with your boarding card or it isn’t happening.

Morning morning

Going in to town for the first time in months today.
Need a new watch battery so thought I could go to the Swatch shop, get some nice food somewhere, try and find a shady spot in Green Park, read a book (going to fuck off The Blind Assassin I think. Self-pitying, upper-class people wittering on - for the first 65 pages at least. CBA. Well written of course. If it was 300 pages I’d probably stick with it but it’s 600+. Fuck that), then go to the cinema.
Should be a decent day hopefully

Really want to call in bored to work. Too bored to do any work today, sorry. See you next week, hopefully.


We’ve had Education Scotland (the Scottish inspectorate) in twice since I started at the college and both times have been during the last few weeks of June when the vast majority of classes are finished or finishing.

We’ve done OK but I do wonder what they expect to see in terms of teaching.

Enjoy Hotfsted!

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The Blind Assassin is worth persevering with.

Do you promise, Keith?