Thursday once more

Almond croissant or plain croissant always.

Croissant for snack followed by choc croissant for snack-pudding, please


Ooh i’ll have that too actually but almond instead of choc :smiley:

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Really reminds me of this:


That looks like it was taken in a sea that was a bit flatter.

Here’s one of yesterdays shots with the same sort of colour processing (although the picture you posted was shot from slightly closer to the levelof the water):

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I’m gonna take a punt and say they are from the South Wales Valleys. You need to find out now!

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Got suncream in my eye for 2nd time in a week

Had a couple of post-jab aperitifs


No where else to put this so here will have to do. I think I could be a court sketch artist. This is John Lydon.

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people love to bang on about art deco don’t they

ooh i love art deco me

they make me sick

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Who is volunteering to be sacrificed to appease the sun god?

Gonna absolutely melt in yoga again. Positioning my camera so they cant see me taking savasana for, like, the whole class.