Thursday Please!

fine, I’ll do it.

how are you? I’ve been skipping breakfast all week then eating moar at lunch / dinner. seems fine.


Good morning folks

Been called in for a breakfast meeting which is the height of futility. Resisting having a bacon bap as I do not want to eat two breakfasts today and be silently judged by my co-workers.

Shit day otherwise eh

do you get breakfast treats in this meeting?

Sounds terrible couldn’t do it. Need breakfast within 30 mins of waking or im basically useless


Yeah there’s bacon baps and sausage baps. Referring not taking one now


I now delay breakfast until 10 am to cut down on snacking but I fear this makes me some kind of freak

Big up yourself, Japes, all,

Decided to go into the office for the first time in 6 weeks today, which at the time was tomorrow, when something wasn’t working yesterday, which at the time was today, and error message reminded me of something a service desk person once said to me about not logging onto the network in the office for an extended period. Having made said decision, I promptly got an email from my boss and responded saying I’d actually be in the office today, which at the time was tomorrow. An hour later, I returned to the thing that hadn’t worked and it in fact did work, so I no longer needed to come into the office today, which at the time was tomorrow. It’s my Friday, today though, which is at the moment today.

Going for a local Indian later with some friends, imo.


Run out of milk, only a few slices of bread left.

Screwed basically.

Fuck Thursday.


Jesus Avery have respect its not even nine am and you expect me to understand this shit


House to being sat on plane in 45 min this morning, a new record. Excited to see how far I can push this. Bit tired and cutting it fine to get breakfast before my bus arrives :sleeping:

Ooooh! What’s that little cake about, I wonder? Could it be a very special boys birthday today? :thinking:
Happy Birthday to the most handsome and funny man treading the boards of DiS! Xxxx :blush: :tada: :birthday: :balloon::gift::champagne::rice::curry::balloon::cake::gift::balloon::champagne::tada:


that’s a separate thread

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Playing a gig in Manchester tonight. Got a rotten cold from the silly baby. WFH. Think that covers it.


morning japes, all.

First ride into work for a few weeks. Got a puncture (obviously) then after my hands had gone numb whilst fixing it I couldn’t get the liners lined up correctly, so had to ride the rest of the way with two fingers in one finger space etc. Good stuff.

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had loads of coffee obvs

dunno if that counts


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Saw Greg Proops unexpectedly last night. That was a nice surprise.

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Can’t imagine how irritable I would be if I skipped breakfast. Tbh having some lovely toast and coffee while watching The Office is basically the highlight of my day, really I should just go back to bed afterwards.

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Caveat my answer with: if you have left an odd number of slices you should steal another one

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