Thursday Poké Thread

Awful night’s sleep last night so I’m gonna be a zombie all day.

On the plus side I’m off to the London Pokémon Centre this morning to see if they can heal up my squad.

I hear some new food places opened up in Westfield’s food court as well, so will probably have a nose at that and investigate the Lego Store to see if I can get my nephew a belated birthday set. Was thinking about one of the new AR haunted ghost ones.

Your turn now.

Zeal out.


I really, really need some more sleep.


Solidarity like.


Also wouldn’t mind some sleep


Gotta catch em all


Off to Japan today, smell ya later DiS! :flight_departure:


Are you going to the Pokémon Centre too?

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There are many Pokémon Centres in Japan :+1:

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Tired and hungry. I need a coffee :expressionless:

I also need more sleep! Gf is working earlies ATM so I am awake an hour earlier than usual :neutral_face:

But today is my Friday thank fuckkk

Good morning, why am I awake?
Wish I was still asleep.

Also really, really wish I hadn’t told the guy at the gym we’d go every day cos we’ve not been back since the first time. We were told it’s a a fiver a day but negotiated a €10 each rate for the week :upside_down_face:

  • Go back today and pay
  • Hide forever

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I also feel like a zombie. Yesterday was my 12 hour day at work and if was a full on day including have to deal an out of hours fault for the first time in two years. I didn’t manage to get to sleep until gone 1 was my mind was racing so much.

But still I’ve got the raffle form ready for @anon89873996 to reveal later. Hopefully everyone will like the new idea.

I’m hoping for a nice quiet day and a lazy evening.


Another member of poor sleep club checking in. Went to sleep too early, woke up for a big chunk of the middle of the night.

Got a raffle to open but am a bit behind on things I need to get done because of the falling asleep early thing.


Pokémon Centres heal Pokémon. You saw Detective Pikachu with F(?) didn’t you? You should know this.

So Tuesday night I slept funny and woke up with a sore neck yesterday morning and all of yesterday I had an uncomfortable pain down my right side and then on to my hip/back/abdomen. I’ve woken up this morning with the neck pain gone but the uncomfortable back/side pain exacurbated.

Am I just being a hypochondriac and it’s just a slept on dodgy nerve that will sort itself eventually? It’s like a twingey dull numbing pain constantly and hurts.

I did but I don’t recall that.

Mainly I do t understand where these Pokémon virtually are right now and then whether this centre is even a physical thing or just a hot spot or something.

I like your new avatar Theo


Dodgy sleep club represent. Kiddo fell asleep around 10.30 last night which is 4hrs later than usual. She then woke up screaming at 1.45 and took ages to fall back asleep. Got herself in a right state. She woke up as normal at 6.25, cheers kid.

On the late shift today so not in until 11.30. Wooooo

Hey Zealo, I hope you have a nice time at the Pokemon Centre. Just don’t forget to Pokemon Go to the polls on December 12th!


There’s a pop up shop in the Shepherds Bush shopping centre.

At least hundreds queueing and it doesn’t open for 2 hrs.