Thursday Q&A

How many minutes is it until six o’clock if 50 minutes ago it was four times as many minutes past three o’clock?

Milk and two sugars, thanks!


Time you got a watch pal

sounds like he might have one of those novelty watches that makes you work out the time

6 o’clock = 180
3 o’clock = 0

t = 180 - x
t - 50 = 4x

180-x = 50+4x
5x = 130
x = 26

The time is 5.34, I think?

Seems about right to me

Glad we agree

Is this a quiz at your work?

Did I work this out for nothing?


of course you did

26 minutes to six

enjoyed this

also don’t understand that riddle. just put them in the stables? if it was 10 into 9 it would be harder, there’s no problem with putting 9 things into 10 spaces


Show your working.

i didn’t do simultaneous equations, probably should have

just made a guess then went up and down until it worked

You only get 1 mark then.

:grinning: ‘I didn’t know at the time it was a pyramid scheme’

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*1 marck

lol ffs


Jazzy!!! loved your story!! This is potentially (definitely) a bit weird but I listened to it whilst in bed and it felt like you were reading me a bedtime story. Haha!!

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