Thursday Rain Thursday Rain

Morning all!

It’s absolutely tipping down here and we’ve been promised thunder later. The Child is excited for rainbows but she might be disappointed.

I’ve got a blood test in 45m and then some bits of marking to do before my class this afternoon.

I’m making a lentil roast for tea.

What are you doing?


Spent much of the early hours worrying about a work-related problem and so spent an hour and a half starting to fix it when I finally got up at 6.30. It’s not fixed yet but I feel a bit better for at least setting out a pathway to fixing it.

Now I’m sat at home with the new Low LP blasting out as loud as I can reasonably play it in a terraced house.

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there’s a quaker oats factory near me and sometimes when i cycle past it smells like apple and cinammon



5k run each way to football, plus playing football later. RIP


Got woken up by a downpour in the middle of the night, was still really stuffy and too warm for a decent sleep.

It looks really miserable outside this morning and got peppered by a bit of rain during the dog walk but it’s still pretty warm.

Going to go for a little bike ride shortly and then doss about for the rest of the day, as per usual.

I would put chance of rainbows in Glasgow today at 3% currently.

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It’s quite disappointing how faint the smell of chocolate is whenever I ride past Cadbury’s.

Think the coffee factory in Banbury is my favourite industrial food smell.

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Off to take a 3 year old for a PCR test. Somehow preferable to work though :man_shrugging:

Day off. Two work meetings so there goes another unknown amount for time before I get chance to wash my dishes, clean the flat, do the stuff non weekend workers do at weekends. Then got a tour this evening but its a mini one amd I have such limited childcare that I have to get a taxi there and back which will probably be half the amount I’m getting paid :see_no_evil:

Grew up near somewhere that roasted malt. With the right wind direction the smell was amazing.

If the wind blew the other way you got a whiff of the haribo or trebor bassett factory :drooling_face:

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Pfft, that’s nothing: I live near Milton sewage works

Second to last day in job before i get to swan off up narth and dick around in a studio for two weeks. Gonna be doing a lot of biting my tongue today, think my boss is the most patronising person i’ve ever met.

…did someone say coffee!!!


Why is there a wee musical note next to your avatar?

Up the Coffees



No rain in London

Dispatched, not received. Hurry up, Royal Mail!


We had our thunder and lightning last night. I wonder why we say it that way around, when you see the lightning before you hear the thunder?

Anyway, I’ve just done the school run, which appears to have descended into a complete bunfight for getting the kids in. Oh well, Jimbo was happy enough. I used the opportunity to get a cinnamon bun from the bakery opposite on the way home too. Yum.

I know I’m a huge Low fanboy, but it’s an amazing album even by their standards.

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I spent 18 years with that smell and have zero fondness for it whatsoever, it’s awful!

Bit warm in the office