Thursday Regular Day Thread

C’mon guys, it is practically 9am and no daily thread?

Taking R out for his birthday treat day out (almost a week before his birthday due to logistics), his dad has already pissed me off and he hasn’t even arrived yet so that is a good start. R is super excited though, which is really nice :blush:

How are we all?

Where you going?

Working in Edinburgh today, get to leave early to… get some fillings.

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Aw happy birthday to R! I’m cold and tired and have loads to do. Now i remember why i dont post in morning threads, all i usually have to contribute is me complaining about how i cba :sleepy:


Hey FL et al

Happy early birthday R :slight_smile: :cake: :partying_face:

As for me and my life: well, it’s raining heavily again, I’ve got another stinker of a day coming up, and I’m regretting my decision to have eaten fish and chips last night. Oh well!

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Double down and have kippers for breakfast.


Ah, i love how excited kids get on their birthdays. Hope you both have a great day!

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Story Centre! R’s favourite place (thanks to @scout for telling me about it)


morning all

was going to get an earlier train today but it got cancelled. so I decided to get my usual train. also cancelled. great work train dickheads :clap:

today I will mostly be avoiding doing any work where at all possible - interviewing someone later, still think the concept of me interviewing people and deciding whether they get a job is preposterous but there you go.

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off to see mariah carey tonight, going to a tennis tournament tomorrow, roller derby triple header on saturday and seeing the meat puppets on sonday
my most on brand (and therefore best) weekend yet


not at work because MrS was not well yesterday and had to go to hospital, stayed overnight and now I am waiting to go get him…all a bit of a nightmare stress thing to be honest, he is a terrible patient and is also getting very hangry… :slight_smile:

other than that, still cold, still wet, need tea

There’s a crow in my yard that seems to have an injured wing and can’t fly out :frowning_face:

It’s quite little so probably a baby.

Poor thing, wish I could help it somehow. Will leave the back gate open so it can walk out I guess.

Alright, Ace Rimmer

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Just done an hour of kettlebells :nauseated_face:. Got so much to do at work today but CBA.

Morning FL!

Got back from Texas yesterday and had a normal night’s sleep so I’m hoping I’ve beaten the jetlag before it starts? I got bitten to shit by mosquitoes out there and I react really badly, so much so that I think I have actual bruises where a few of them had a nibble on the same bit of leg.

Ngl I’m a bit pleased I can wear jumpers again and walk around outside without melting.

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Morning all.

I need a coffee but I can’t be arsed to grind my beans. Help me DiS.

  • Grind those beans CoHo. Grind 'em good!
  • Just have a shitty instant coffee, life’s too short
  • (Extra comedy answer)

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Hope you’re all well.

Hi all,

Need some advice in poll form

Do you use DiS on your work computer?

  • Yep, the typing looks good
  • No I browse on my phone so They don’t know what I’m doing all day

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Not sure what the best approach is


Have you ever been challenged / disciplined for your internet use at work?

  • No
  • Yes - general use
  • Yes - specific website(s) but not Dis
  • Yes

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Speaking of which, I dreamt I got one of my clients pregnant :scream: :scream:

Actually had to properly wake myself up from the dream.