Thursday Regular Day Thread


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So Batman isn’t a superhero. He’s a superhero tribute band.

Batman’s powers are his net worth.


And his Sean Dyche impression of a voice.

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I’m just room meat

Also, right, at the start of Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne is like “nah pal, I’m not gonna execute that murderer fella”, then casually burns him to death along with everyone else.

Thanks toona! It was us being assessed and not the house, which was weird. Really nice lady tho!

Technically not a superhero but in the comics he’s somehow got the smarts to defeat gods, which kinda makes him one.

then you will have smashed it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Currently Googling “Alex Trimble” (him out of Two Door Cinema Club) and looking at all his wildly different hairstyles he’s had over the past 10 years.