Thursday, so it is

Starting a second consecutive daily thread because I don’t like how late it is with none having appeared yet. What’s happening?


It’s not a million degrees outside yet! This is incredible. All windows and doors open, let’s get this motherfucker nice and cool before the wrath of the sun begins anew.


Dad coming over
Attempt to convince R to let me or my dad cut his hair
Might.cut my hair as well
Probably some Paper Mario
Film Club

Opened the big sliding door all the way first thing and the air was actually cool :relieved:

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Where’s the sunshine???

Great news:

Got to go down the shops then got friend coming over this afternoon.


Feel a bit meh this morn. Maybe as didnt get out for walk.

Need flour

Morning all!

Sleep was interrupted for thirty minutes at 3.45 this morning by an awake toddler.

I’m supposed to be in a Zoom meeting at some point this morning but nobody has sent me the link yet.

My glass recycling is being collected at some point today. It was last emptied in March or April 2019 and I was planning to put it out in March before everything closed. Once it’s empty, there will be four months of too much drinking to hide inside the bin.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


First day back at work after 3 weeks off.

Only 45 and a half hours until I’ve got 4 days off!

@slicky @kermitwormit I bring you this photo of Brock Lesnar backstage at a Dolly Parton concert, may it bless your mornings


Morning kids
Slept terribly because we closed all the windows in case it rained, which meant that our room was unfeasonably hot. I also got woken up in the night by rain on the skylight.

Still, the weather is a bit more bearable today.

Morning all.

The owners of the house who’s garden backs onto ours have a workman in building something. This involves drilling and hammering and therefore closed windows.


oh whoops


Been sitting in the dark for the last hour and a half. It’s basically nighttime here.

*In batman voice * A STORM IS COMING

Will buying a jumper cheer me up, hmm.


Oh god. Mate who has been posting tons of #savethechildren is now into antivaxxing and anti mask ‘science’

Also: Bolshoi ballet tried to reopen, way earlier than any other company, and now 40 of their dancers have covid. Good stuff


My son got the A-level grades he needed to get into his first choice university. Very pleased given the circumstances.

He says he going to 'spoons with his mates tonight, and for once I may even forgive him.


i waited too long to take my glass recycling down to the recycling bin at the end of the street and ended up with too much glass in my recycling basket to carry in one trip. so i did the sensible thing and just left it so now i have even more glass to take and even less chance of it getting done.