Thursday, so it is

probably some good deals on jumpers out there the now because i cant think of anything i want less at this particular moment in time

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Congrats to him, I remember in the 'rona threads you mentioning A levels, and I logged on now hoping it had worked out well. Nice to see some good news!

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I did nearly take it to one of the hoppers on GWR but I couldn’t deal with feeding a box of wine and bourbon bottles into it in public.

Thanks mate!

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Dolly Parton looks different when she’s dressed down.



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Home Internet now working, work internet still on the fritz. Annoying and stressy, yay

Really not feeling it today.

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Morning all. I’ve come into the office and there’s already a double annoyance: I’ve got company when I was hoping for a day on my own, and as each hour passes, the storm moves an hour later in the day. Just give me thunder, lightning and rain, dammit!


:smiley: this is lovely, thank you

my flatmate told me last night she was going to make me breakfast burritos

this morning: “oh i didnt know if you were up or wanted any. All the parts to make them are there though …”

day ruined


I’ve found we only really use enough glass to fill the bin once every 10-12 months, and the last time it needed to be emptied was March or April last year. Unfortunately it was pretty full in March when they cancelled the recycling collection.

The overflow box has now filled half of the bin again.

someone’s playing Happy Birthday on the bagpipes

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This was a bit of a puzzler this morning


do you think anyone has ever found the information explaining what the signals mean to be useful?

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can’t believe i still have to wait an hour for the snooks to start

wtf man bored as fuck

don’t worry you’ll still be bored once it starts


Went to town. Got a load of stuff in Gregg’s, some Lego for friends daughter’s birthday…

Home for my vegan sausage roll :yum:

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Proper drizzly and grey here, which is lovely.
On my holibobs from coursework for a few days so just watching documentaries, might read a book :blush: loooovely.
It’s cool enough to pop the oven on so making a potato, onion, mushroom and pepper hash/tray bake?? thing to have with salad later.