Thursday Storm of EricVening Thread

Storm Eric is going to hit us this evening apparently. What damage will be caused? Eggs strewn across multiple defenceless pizzas? I hope you all stay safe.

So Tesco do a cranberry, raisin and cashew bloomer. I know because I’ve eaten an entire one today.

What are you up to this evening?

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Storm of EricVening thread

I bought some beer but I’m afraid it might not be very nice :frowning:

Well Bam there’s only one way to find out.


It’s called John Smith’s Extra Smooth

says it’s from yorkshire so I thought oh that’ll probably be nice because in my mind Yorkshire is all just nice cottages

here goes…

oh it’s not lager?

Seems fine though

It’s not Yorkshire’s finest export tbh Bam.


are you yorkshire’s finest export?

Evening all.

Just having a quiet pint in the pub before meeting some friends to go to a house show.

It’s not a bad old life, is it?

Hope you’re all well.


I couldn’t possibly make that call myself. That’s not for me to say.

But on the other hand I absolutely am.


well no doubt you have a lovely accent at the very least

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I’m going to that ball thing. Everything I’ve eaten and drunk today I’ve got for free so this is good. Have to sit through long speeches but it’s probably worth it.

Gonna make some buffalo cauliflower things, what do people have with them? Bit of chili?

Ate a big £3 doughnut about an hour ago.


sounds fun! What are the speeches about?

Was it worth £3?

Sweet potato fries

Off to the gym

No but it was heavily subsidised by my employer.