Thursday - Strike for your right to party

Morning all!

All the schools in Scotland are striking (pay teachers more, obviously) so I’m working from home with The Child. I’m really keen on taking her down to the picket but it looks a bit cold and wet.

Keep us updated with your activities/ plans.


Morning :wave:

Feeling exceptionally groggy this morning after getting a full and deep night’s sleep (following Tuesday night’s sleeplessness). I’m off to Harlow today for work - will look out for all the sculptures.

Feel like my brain is full of soup and mush though.

Morning punx,

i’ve actually got to leave the house for work today so not sure why i’m sat here! A tiny bit of sun is trying to sneak through here which is nice. Unfortunately i’m off to the tip! Have fun out there.

Course day 4. Rumours of an early finish. Whoopehoop

Then it’s governor’s meeting, dinner and sofa.

R has gone off to Berlin so that’s fun for him but caused massive confusion for the dog when everyone was up and leaving house at 1.30am. In the end he got a 3 am walk and breakfast to reset :rofl::star_struck:

'Sup dweebs. Got a busy day ahead, lots of orders to do and a tour later, so will spend most of my time doing the secret santa draw, obviously.

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Started getting up early enough to have coffee and breakfast with him indoors in the mornings and it’s a really nice way to start the day :coffee: :croissant:

Done my time with the DuoLingo owl :owl:, gonna work on course stuff :writing_hand: for an hour and then work :computer: where they’ve begun to expect me to do stuff :confused:


Decent night’s sleep. Off to strike my excellent butt off (not sure why i just put those words together in that order - what am i doing?)

Might be getting dragged christmas shopping later.


On the way to work. Skies and forecast look a bit iffy so on the train rather than bike.

That’s it for now.

:fist: with the strikers. I hope you get the improvements to pay and conditions you deserve

I’ve got a nice quiet day today, which I’m relieved about, and then tonight I’m off to see Stereolab. I don’t subscribe to the theory that you shouldn’t wear band tee shirts to see that band, and I’ve dug out my original 90s bright orange Emperor Tomato Ketchup tee to wear today


Just booked a wee break… to Bath, next September


Alright. Just walking the youngest to nursery. Not starting until 3, so 2 games of world cup action to enjoy before I start

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Feel all groggy. Lots on today, firstly retrieving the dozens of bobbles that Fig has been stealing in earnest now he can open the drawer they’re in.

Just saw another family being chased to school by their cat so nice to see there’s a few of us now :sweat_smile:

Oh, I made myself a tea to bring to work with me and then left it on the side in the kitchen.

Morning all, about to go to the bakery to get a loaf and maybe a pastry (Friday is pastry day really, I know that). Anyone want anything while I’m there?

Forgot my watch as well. It’s going well.

mid-year review today

think it will be … bad

nice meal tonight at least, only 9 hours to go!


busy wee day today and then off for a curry with a coupla of ATDs tonight, canny wait. Off to mother india :heart_eyes:


cereal really didn’t hit the spot today, they got any good savoury offerings?

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Amazing cheese straws, that’s probably only option at this time… They put most of the savoury stuff out at lunch time sorry.

Three businesses I work for/run have deadline days, launches or significant need of oversight today.

See you guys tomorrow basically x

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