Thursday - Strike for your right to party

Oh, here’s that storm that was forecast then.

Did a team away day exercise tidying up some woodland in Wythenshawe. Got very wet and am now absolutely shattered.

Had a big cry, so tired of being fucked over by agencies who think they can get away with underpaying me and then gaslighting me about it

Stuck at Cambridge station :frowning: train currently running 67 minutes late

Knocked off work bang on time and had a sneaky drink at our local with the missus while Jimbo was at Beavers. What a nice civilised way to start the evening

Does anyone in the country still watch the BBC regional news considering it’s not available in HD? Must be weird being one of the presenters knowing almost no one is watching. Reckon everyone just switches over to ITV News?

Scottish people since the main news rarely mentions anywhere north of Carlisle. Also it is in hd.

Midlands Today seems to be in HD these days or at least it comes on on BBC One HD, anyway

Still not left Cambridge - 2h12m and counting, fuck this shit :frowning:

Portsmouth looks very futuristic


Looks like London or something.

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Evening just had some beans on toast, from starving to full in 6 mins.

Trying to decide whether to go see some pals who are playing snooker or do some work or just stick in and watch the football?

Iceland job.

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This is the least convincing Icelandic cuisine I have ever seen.