Thursday supermarket thread (marmitegate/unilever vs. tescos edition)


@Balonz love to hear your thoughts on this


I’ve actually been stockpiling my own source of Marmite for about a month now, I’d love to say it was in anticipation of this but it wasn’t.


knock knock


This has to be one of the most boring “headlines” in recent days. Christ.

I don’t shop at Tescbook so idgaf


marmite, hellman’s, pg tigs (eurgh), dove, flora and bertolli, knorr, ben & jerry’s, bovrill, colman’s…

(even i buy dove bar soap and sometimes knorr stock pots)


I am really low on marmite, I shit you not. I have to go to M&S at lunchtime (collect a new suit, £200 down to £35 in the sale!) so might pop into Tez and try to buy the last of the stock.


Do Tesco do their own brand of marmite? How does it compare?


Don’t shop at Tesco pal.

Excluding occasional visits to Expresses when I’ve been out on the road, I haven’t been in one for at least 4 years I’d say


Maybe. I wouldn’t be allowed to buy it.


here you go


You’ve got a stash of excess yeast production?


Probably exactly the same. From the same production line.


yeah man, yeah! Tesco are the worst of all the supermarkets, hands down


Asda has some CHip Shop McCoy’s which I might buy today

as for this, not really fussed, Tesco is a bit shit


Sainsbo’s are pretty shit too. Their price:quality is all wrong.


£200 down to £35!?


In five or so years when we’re all in a bread queue somewhere or carting a shopping trolley full of cash down the street to buy milk we’ll look back on this as a warning.


Don’t know why people would shit the bed about the price of Marmite. Even if you love the stuff, a jar of it lasts about three months. Even if it goes up by £1, you’re looking at a difference of less than 10p a week to your shopping.


Was looking to buy some of that special edition extra-strength Marmite a while ago


you are kidding, right? reckon a jar lasts 7-10 days at my gaff