Thursday The 20th Thread


Got today off work but I’m helping a pal with their accounts so it’s not really like a day off and I’m not having a lie in.



Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I won’t be here all day, certainly not tomorrow.

Later this morning, after an undoubtedly delicious breakfast at Dishoom, I’ll be boarding a train destined for the land of cheese and football, and finally see my family again.

Normal service will be resumed sometime next week.


I miss that vegan black pudding.

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Wife has a midwife appointment this morning, then I’ll be working until 7.30. that’s about it


I’m spending the day in hospital. However, I get a free lunch out of it so, you know, swings and roundabouts.

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My parents came to visit yesterday - it was fine. We managed to keep it short and non stressful which is for the best with my family

Today my son is getting his GCSE results which he feels completely detached from and uninvested in which is understandable

Just got work to do and stuff apart from that. Duuuuull

Gone back to bed with a coffee and Jessica Cat is being very cuddly so that’s pretty lovely

Working then a night of packing for saturdays move.

Looking forward to having our own place again but packing and actually moving fucking sucks

Please enjoy your time in Cheshire!


OMG end of an era.


Aargh, best of luck to your son anyway. What a shitshow.

They’ve just come in - he’s done really well. Or his teachers have predicted that he would have done given the opportunity :grinning:

I’m just mainly relieved middle child missed the A level fiasco by a year



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Morning dis! Its my day off. My original plan of going into town for sushi with a mate has fallen through so instead I’m going to epping for brunch with another mate instead :blush::blush::blush::grin:

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morning team

kids started back at school last week, and yesterday my eldest has a cough and a sore throat so obviously, not likely covid, but then a quick message to the group chat of parents it becomes clear that they’ve all got something, probably a coronavirus but not the coronavirus. like, 40% of her class were off yesterday, and it’s passed on to me as well, so sore heads, stuffed up and coughing, but no fever. seems like isolation has brewed up a waiting list of virsuses to pass through haha.

means i’ll not make it to the office this week, meh, not bothered about that, can weather that storm myself.

going to start running. never really run in my life, but i need to shed some weight. any tips to start?

love that feeling of hanging up from a teams meeting without saying bye at the end


Definetly recommend using a free couch to 5k app. It feels a piece of cake at the start but its a great way to get going and avoid injuries

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Got a LinkedIn alert saying my masters supervisor is celebrating his 15th anniversary of joining that uni!

I was in the first year of his intake.



Hope you’re okay @weeber! Last year I needlessly spent a day in hospital, my op got cancelled but they kept me in regardless. It was quite nice, I’d lay there, snooze, read my book, someone would come round occasionally and ask if I wanted a drink, what I fancied for lunch… it felt like 5* living who can’t afford a 5* lifestyle.