Thursday the 25th of October

Morning. I had a pub idea last night which was to make banana bread this morning for one of my morning meetings. Stupid pub ideas.

How’s ur days looking everyone :kissing_heart:

Morning Big Tuna (US Office joke for you there, you’re welcome)!

I am just about to get out of bed and get ready for work. How exciting! Could really go for some banana bread tbh.


Going shoe shopping with R. In half term. Eurgh. Stupid Clarks moving to the out of town retail park.

I was really hoping to make it into The (UK) Office today but was woken up just the eight times last night with stabbing stomach pains, so maybe not.

Also my plumber looks quite a lot like a hipster Ricky Gervais.

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New systems installed at work overnight. Expect I’ll be a regular visitor to Werk Irks today.

d a y o f f w o r k !

Going to this

Then to see Suspiria at the Prince Charles at 1pm (the true witching hour). Then I dunno. Then going to the Pressure Drop/Verdant place in Hackney for some beers.

d a y o f f w o r k ! ! ! ! !


I’ve been brought tea and toast in bed! I guess hospital isn’t that bad.



I have awoken late. Reckon I’ll be at work late.


I thought Clarks was called ‘Clanks’ until I was maybe 8 or so, I struggled with remotely fancy typography (see: Disney - was convinced it was Disnep :/)


My eldest called the Sue Ryder charity shop “glue ruler”. We still refer to it as such



It was the D in Disney that foxed me, I could never see it as being such, still mostly look at it being a stylised squiggle in place of a D tbh.


Used to think Coors was Cools

Woke up with a banging headache :unamused:
Too much to do at work

“Hi Dr Epimer, I know you’ve been out of the office all week but could you please send me a complete proposal on this by lunchtime on Thursday?”

I need a coffee

started at 8:30 today, don´t finish til 10:30 this eve :alien:



Dr Boris T. Epimer PhD BSc 200m MUFC Esq, LLC"


On the late today. Currently listening to Disney songs in bed with the baby. Might go rhyme time before work


Ah, used to LOVE rhyme time.

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Went to a Halloween themed one on Tuesday.

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