Thursday the 25th of October

Not a big banana fan but like banana bread. Had some in a cafe recently and it was completely dry AND had evil sultanas in it. What nonsense.

Still waiting for invoices to be paid because obviously freelancers don’t have bills to pay.

No plans today though I do have a banana so maybe I’ll make a tiny banana bread too.

I have brought 2 (two) bananas into the office today.

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Overslept and missed my therapy session, despite definitely putting my alarm on last night. FFS

hello :slight_smile:




Saw Rachel Sermanni last night in a small seated show and she was excellent. Slept terribly from combo of pain from getting two wisdom teeth out the other day and various mouth ulcers, so decided to WFH today. Hopefully going to see Black 47 later

Moooorning :coffee:
Woke up at 5ish this morning, and was listening to a YouTube video about the Gainesville ripper in the dark when someone (hammered students maybe) rang my buzzer and ooooooh boy did I jump. Nearly fell out of bed!
Coffee, anyone?

:fire: :running_man:‍♂ - that’s me walking to fire safety training which is today.


I’m no expert, but you appear to be walking towards the fire? That doesn’t seem right!


I’m putting out the fire. I’m the hero.


Ah, of course.
Hope it’s one of those Dalmatians with the firemen’s hat on that delivers your training

My trousers are too short but my belly’s too big. Love heart if you can relate.


#biglad approved there


No bananas to be seen here. Or bread, indeed.

Zoom into the office, then to Manchester. Big presentation today and not feeling very presentable. But, we’ll make it work and another cog in the revolution will have been whazzed.

Not sure about later, will see how I feel, some very nice recommendations from helpful DiSers to checkery out though.



can’t like this unfortunately. section b) certainly applies, however i have yet to find a pair of trousers that aren’t at least a couple of inches too long for my tiny legs

(i’m built like a gorilla; long arms / short legs :gorilla: )

I’ve thrown something together and will now sit on it for a few hours so it’s less obvious that I did it in less than half an hour. Standard.


enjoy your new ikea furniture


actually dissing during my lessons now: teachers - do you do this?

  • yes
  • no

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