Thursday (the band, not the thread)

I don’t know this band.

any bands you don’t know?

I don’t know Thursday. Feels like a bad name for a band though, hard to find.

Is there a band called Unsubscribe? If so, that’s a bad idea too.

Really struggle to believe you’ve never heard understanding in a car crash tbh

mentioned the other day i was trying to find a picture of the band a but gave up because you can’t search for them

worst name ever

When I was younger I liked Thursday and I had a Thursday sticker on my electric guitar. I also had another sticker which said “support Isle of Wight punk rock” :metal:


are thursday from the isle?

I would like to know more examples of Isle Of Wight punk rock, if you wouldn’t mind enlightening me

they are American I believe

just listened to a bit there, really really bad

I only ever heard War All The Time by this band.

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I thought the Isle of Wight was south of the UK

Listening now.

Never heard it before.

Will never hear it again.


Can’t believe people spent the early noughties not watching mtv2

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maybe if you grew up on an island separated from the rest of civilisation it might sound nice?

i listened to plenty of mtv2 m9 and haven’t a scooby


I thought this was the thread about the Thursday thread which is about the day, which is today.

you fucking idiot

thursday the band

  • oh yeah, thursday the band. yeah.
  • thursday the what?

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Is there a thread in ‘bands who are definitely shit but you still kinda like out of nostalgia’ because Thursday and a lot of other early 00s emo would definitely be in my list

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Yeah, I am familiar with:
other bands

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