Thursday (the band, not the thread)


Yeah, I am familiar with:
other bands


thought i made the title pretty clear


What’s kerbdog?


I would like to post in that thread.

I would post “Thursday are not in my list, that’s for sure”


thursday the day

  • that’s today! :grin:
  • I thought it was a band: :confused:

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Kody (David Icke’s son was in this band)
Awkward Silence
Day of the Fight
Jets vs Sharks


Who would be in your list, though?


just skimmed it, I was impatient to give my thoughts on today’s thread.


Everclear (up to Afterglow)
Silverchair (up to the angsty stuff)
System Of A Down

I could go on




is david icke from the isle of wight?


Got any links? I searched for Kody on Spotify and the result I found was probably not your one.


he lives there


playlist can’t be blank


Have you been round for tea?


I loved them back in the day. They were great at Leeds on the lock up stage when I saw them. I still listen to Standing on the Edge of Summer every now and again for that warm wave of nostalgia.


they’re all long split up now so I doubt it


listening to silverchair now. not how i thought this morning was going to turn out tbqh.


to his son’s flat about 15 years ago: yes


I was too late supporting Isle Of White punk :frowning_face: