Thursday (the band, not the thread)


is the son into lizards and that as well?


Which one are you “giving a whirl” as the kids say? I’m listening to the debut in solidarity.


omg here’s Day of the Fight!


nah, well into beach football


That’s what he wants you to think


I found a spotify playlist of stuff that was played on p-rock. Quite fun to run to. Some absolute dross though ofc

  • The Sundays
  • Thursday
  • The Saturdays

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What’s p-rock? Is that a Thursday thing?


frogstomp. seeing if i can remember all the drum parts.


I assume this poll is about days of the week and nothing else.


It was a short lived music TV channel playing a mix of emo, pop punk and ska around 2004-2006 I guess


More general question, but how did ska end up in that bracket?

Such a weird match, or at least that’s the impression that I get.


I see you


Listening to them now.

I can think of a hundred reasons why people would be into them.


post this most new years day on the Facebook


Please stay on topic, we’ve moved on from that


I seem to remember the first two tracks being good but I don’t know, it’s probably total dogshit.


Listen in solidarity with me niknaks, we all must do our bit


can’t at work :disappointed_relieved:


I’m sorry.

Then I will support Aisle Of Wight punk on your behalf.

On all of our behalves.