Thursday (the band, not the thread)


Listening to full collapse now :metal:


I think I saw them support Green Day years ago. I like that swingy thing the lead singer used to do with the microphone.


Always an effective frontman trope. Shows confidence and indifference simultaneously. A true “rock and roll” move, as it were.


It was Thursday man that did this right? He’d throw it up in the air and then pull it back by the cable and then do a bit of singing?


also in my young emo phase I loved Jetplane Landing (who didn’t) and had their “I opt out” tshirt and also their “fuck you and your opposite sex” one, I was very cool

and not only did I have a sticker which said “support Isle of Wight punk rock” but I also had a tshirt which said the same thing


I have no idea. I always associate that action with At The Drive-In.


Can we get this on the dis cc casquettes


Him and the original taking back Sunday front man. Some classic moves in the great romances video


we put on a gig with the guys who made the isle of wight punk rock stuff, turned out they were massive dicks. can’t remember why though.


The hair! The mic throwing!


Taking Back Sunday! That’s who I’m thinking of! Gah those emo kids had all the days of the week covered.


Reckon most of tell all your friends still stands up and will defend it to death


Emo days of the week:

Taking Back Sunday
Hey Monday

Got any ones for the rest?


Green day


sunny day real estate


I mean, these are good jokers cards


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Great work everyone, you should all be very proud.

Thursday (the thread, not the band)

Tuesday the band

you’ve probably never heard of them, they were from the isle of man


Silverchair aye?! Nae joy pal


Does this count?