Thursday (the band, not the thread)


binned it after half of one song


Christ I’m amazed you even made it that far


I like Israels Son. Very easy to play on guitar too, you only need one finger for most of it. You can use the middle finger so that you’re simultaneously rocking out and sticking it to the man for extra rock and roll.


Loads of them did this shit

Held the mic weird as well didn’t they


Seem to remember a lot of them having a really long mic cable and wrapping the cable round their hand a lot


more than once saw singers trying this and the mic detaching from the cable and firing into the audience


I mean, practically speaking, it would make more sense to have a wireless mic, but where’s the rock and roll in that?


My brother’s metal band, excellent flying deth, supported a band who’s singer did this and a girl had to go to A&E and it turned out she was 15 and the Oliver twist lost its license


Yeah and they’d like hold the mic head bit rather than the handle?


Oh fuck, that’s awful


That’s a one way ticket to feedback, my friend


fuck… i saw a band where the guitarists had wireless leads and came into the crowd and walked about

can’t remember who it was now, that’s quite annoying


Arcade fire? Sounds like the sort of thing they’d do


i mean it’s pretty funny


no, was a metal band


You open yourself to a lot of Robbie Williams spinning the mic in his hand guff with a wireless one, and nobody wants to see that maom.




Why not? With current technology, I’d wager you could just do the gig from home.


Yeah, it’s a funny one, isn’t it.

Drummer from a band I liked back in uni days used to do that between songs. I’d mouth STOP at him from the audience, which looking back may have been interpreted in all sorts of ways which was unfair as they were otherwise very good.


Did he clock your mouthing ever?