Thursday (the band, not the thread)


Thankfully no. I didn’t mind him as a person, but he was massively mismatched with the band he was in.

On a night out he once wore a trilby at an angle.


I mean I hated his very being once I’d finished the word ‘trilby’ but at an angle, good grief.


there’s definitely a thread in this, bands with an obviously mismatched member


Yeah, he could do the robot really well though, which is a trait I never cease to be amazed with.


Such is your love of our robot pal on here.


Ever worn a tribly at a jaunty angle @discobot fortune ?


:crystal_ball: My sources say no


Aye sure thing pal :roll_eyes:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Oh. Thought you meant theo



They had two good songs tho



Which ones were they?




thought nostalgia would carry me through but it’s not doing it for me, witches



Nope try again




Imagine you’re a 15 year old girl, then pick

AND that the only silverchair CD u owned was the greatest hits


Nice to see Aphex listening to Bamnan though :slightly_smiling_face: