Thursday: the daily thread


Family put the Christmas decorations up last night without me so I feel glum (kind of my fault though). Also have too much to do in the three hours of preschool time.

How are you all Thursdaying?

Morning FL. That’s a bit rubbish of them, I reckon you should take them down again and demand a ransom for their return.

Day off today and were going to see some family friends for the day including my ATATD and his 3 year old so that’ll be nice. Really wish I could sleep past 7am on days off though, that’d be nice.

Morning FL, hope that your day picks up.

Ive got a day of juggling standard pre-Christmas work rush, DIY, kids drop off/pick up, and walking dogs ahead.

I feel tired just thinking about it.

Morning FL, that’s s bummer :frowning_face: Can you add some decorations? Or do some Christmas crafting with R later?

I have nothing to report other than the usual cba.

Bought that album for my cousin for Christmas. How well known do you think Weezer would be for a 17 year old Australian? I have no grasp on these things now

Yeah I assumed it hasn’t had the cultural impact of a Nevermind etc so he might know Buddy Holly or later singles, but discovering those album deep cuts will still be a fun time. Surf Wax America ftw

Just bought stuff from tesco that came to £2.29. Paid with a fiver and the machine gave me this in change. Fuming.


Got a £2 though.


Damn I love Aussies

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reminds me of when I got a phone from Carphone Warehouse and they gave me £50 cashback in 50ps

Off to Edinburgh. Decided I was gonna get a filter before I left the house this morning so took my bigger reusable cup and it would only just fit under the dispenser. Felt a bit Alan Partridge.


I think it’s because i put a 79p croissant through as a 35p roll the other day. It’s getting revenge.


In the words of @anon5266188 Don’t be stupid here.

Looks like you’re 10p up though!

morning FL, all

have an absolute bullshit day at work lined up today, something ridiculous like 10 meetings. fortunately I managed to dodge the one at 6am :confused:

good work Christmas party tonight, so that should be…er…good?

Otter cat


That means ive picked up some ones discarded 10p change!!! :sob:

Yeah I was counting it for ages thinking I’d made a mistake in my calculations

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Love that the person before you has had the same thing happen and just picked out the pound coins or whatever, looked at the pennies and just thought ‘nah fuck it’

Should invest in the cock exchange.

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