Thursday, the eve of


Feel kinda sad that it’s so quiet around here recently. Hadn’t realised how much of a bolster dis was to my mental health sometimes, especially at the moment when things are shit.

Would love to talk inane ramblings with some of my Internet pals.

I made kale, roast potato and honey glazed bacon salad for dinner. Would love to hear about yours.

All of a sudden I miss everyone xx


hey tilty

i miss everyone too

i’m gonna spend an hour doing housework and then it’s time for Taskmaster and The Circle back-to-back, very generous programming from Channel 4.

That’s a very fancy meal you’ve got there. I had a fish finger sandwich. And I had a potato waffle spare so I chucked that in too. We lead different lives.

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Just had a small portion of leftover curry. So gonna fill up on bread then watch Moxie with @filmclubbers.

Might :beer:


+1 for missing people here too

New taskmaster later on channel 4. That’s all I have tonight


It is seriously saddening to see how much the posters were a massive part of here, and how cruelly they felt the community didnt look after them.


Hiya tilts

Been on a nice date but not really a date and then for a run that was really a run, came home to my housemate making delicious pasta and a margherita for me so feeling #blessed and #alive

Might watch some more Call My Agent and stay on the couch all evening.

Hope you are all well

Your food looks delicious btw!


Got a takeaway burger because my face hurts and now I’m lying in bed because my face hurts


Tonight was supposed to be a quiz / zoom game night

But there has been a large number of top level cancellations and now I’m thinking that it will not be happening so it might be time to crack open a tin of Fresh Torrents and Zack Snyder’s Four Hours of Slow Mo Ben Affleck in the Rain.

why does Yr face hurt

I hope we can fix it.

I hope so too, and that it’s not too little too late.

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Got an infected wisdom tooth/gum. Hopefully getting it yanked out tomorrow. If not I’m going to see what pliers we’ve got in the tool drawer.

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Me too :pensive:

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Jesus pal. That’s no good. I have these wee flaps. Over my wisdom teeth and they get infected regularly and it is crippling. Maybe the same thing? Called Pericoronitis

I had this over Xmas and it was not the one seems to have righted itself now though thank goodness.

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Hey mate.

We got a takeaway. It was fucking brilliant.

Last Chance U Basketball now.


Something like that, yeah. Last time I saw attractive Spanish dentist she was DESPERATE to whip both top wisdom teeth out and I said no, this is the first time it’s happened, I’m sure there’s no need for that.

And now she’s gone and my stupid teeth are still here. I’m so sorry, Elisabet. You were right. About everything.


I can’t believe I remember this event yet forgot the date of my child’s birth this week on the phone to the gp.



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Making sushi now and watching Taskmaster later. Buzzing.

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