Thursday, the eve of

What sorta sushi u bouncin hun

You could say Elisabeth had teeth wisdom?

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I have it flare up either when I’ve not been paying attention to how I’m eating, or when I’ve read about it and suddenly my body flares it up haha.

Thank fuck for warm salt rinses tbqh



An old painting that I bought during a bout of insomnia-induced 3am etsy shopping and then forgot about arrived today.

It’s 4 clearly haunted children, so it was great knowing you all.


I’m so sorry she’s left by the way, felt terrible for you reading that. Did they say where she’s gone?

Pics pls

I didn’t ask. Felt a bit… desperately creepy.

Oh wowee yes please!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But you did think about asking, so

You could, but that’s not her name, you shit

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Fancy disrespecting the love of your life like that


I think about a lot of things


I don’t :slight_smile:
No think

Salad looks banging tilts!
Gonna have a potato waffle with an egg on it.

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I had a char siu fried rice and a big barrel of extra hot curry sauce. Scooped the lot up with prawn crackers. Need about 15 litres of water now.

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It was autocorrect I swear

Nothing terrifying here, just four kids with completely black eyes summoning a hellbeast


I’m watching a film on Netflix called Deadly Illusions and it is proper 11pm on Channel 5 fare.

It’s rubbish, I love it

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You on antibiotics for the infection?

My tooth broke a couple of weeks, got infected and they wouldn’t take it out until I’d had the antibiotics.

The infection can stop the anaesthetic working properly apparently so it’s best to wait until it’s gone

Solidarity though i had a proper shit couple of weeks with mine

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