Thursday, the evening thereof

Hello! Had a very lazy day doing not much, which has been pretty good tbf. Had party food for tea cause the season has begun, playing a bit of FM18 and tinkering with my raffle prizes both outgoing and incoming. Wuu2?


Eating some fantastic Lidl sweeties and running a bath

Alright Cornish

At work until 8.30. think the gas saga may finally be at an end. Bought a load of Xmas presents. Solid day.

Bit tired of politics and associated chat rn though, which is weird

Just had some ratatouille, watching some NFL, still feeling shitty. Need more snacks.

Should I watch the debate at 7?

  • Yes
  • No

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Went gym and swim. Was good.

Also went to costa coffee earlier and I’m now a member of a very exclusive coffee club :sunglasses:

Reckon Sophie Ellis bextor is the UKs greatest pop act of the past 30 years.

Can you drink coffee in the shop?

Not a member of the WhatsApp group just yet.

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Forgetting about Craig Davis and both Bedingfields there. And All Saints.

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Eating orange smarties and about to finish off my expenses. Living the life.

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Dunno man. Dunno

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God damn uk garage

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Ah yes, that often overlooked pioneer of UK garage, Sophie Ellis Bextor.

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Tbf theaudience had some bangers

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I was thinking of Beddingfield and David

Sophie Ellis Bexter is just changing rooms montage music


Just listening to records, and soon to catch up on last Sunday’s episode of His Dark Materials.

Contemplating wine.


I posit to you: no good song has ever contained the term DJ