Thursday the evening thread

check out my cool rollercoaster


Reminds me of Camelot (theme park)

Just goggled at its abandoned, might be cool

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Primal Scream tonight. Looking forward to getting my rocks off.

It’s also Beaujolais Nouveau day, so we’ll be stopping off at the Basketmakers on the way for some brand new wine.

Sounds amazing, would veggie option the heck out of that

I have a bag of cans but I’m keeping that for tomorrow. Watching ‘The Sopranos’, will watch ‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK’ later.

Bam, have you ever been into Rollercoaster Tycoon?

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  • Half o bag tonight/half o bag tomorrow
  • A new bag for tomorrow

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On my way to see PUP with the nephew.

My sister is also heading to London with a friend so decided to get the same train as us.

My nephew is finding it awkward and uncool. My sisters friend also happens to be my nephews ex teacher. :grin:


Got an aubergine tagine-type thing in the oven, very excited to eat it. Probably going to be the highlight of my evening tbh

Had a good cry with R about how much we miss my nan, then played indoor catch, then had fish and chips. Now bedtime, then RAFFLE preparations, maybe beer.

Good evening one and all.


Delighted to hear this.


2 weird things that happened to me today.

Ordered a coffee, and the person behind the till asked if I wanted sugar. Said 1 please and she was like oh that’s 50p more. To which without thinking I was like oh, sorry and got my wallet out again and she was all LOL I was joking m9, to which I was then in an apologising loop and in my head I’m still being sorry but it’s hard to tell what bit.

Then I was walking back to my house with the coffee in hand, a man walked by and about five seconds later Excuse Me!!'d me over, and he was like are you in a band? And basically just wanted to tell me I looked like I was in a band. He was friendly enough but it’s like why is any of this happening?

Like he turned around and walked back to ask me


But you are in band right?

Well yeah but who cares? Would it have bugged him not to know? I guess.
In my head I was still paying 50p for sugar.

Men need to know they are right

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  • Tacos
  • Go home and eat some vegetables

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When I had my long hair this guy at the pub was well shocked when I said I didn’t like metal, like it’s the law to listen to metal if you are a man with long hair

I went there as a kid (near my grandma) and enjoyed seeing those creepy abandoned photos a while back

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Had a couple of wee beers to take the edge off.
Back at flat now for some awesome soup followed by a dr oetkers. :+1:
Might open some red. Gotta pack for Dublin :grinning::+1:

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Just made a fucking excellent chilli.