Thursday: The Evening


plans, etc? got a bit of a cold so wont be moving off the sofa

bit of FFVII



I am going to be making a veggie chili with my dearest Pater. I’m having quite a nice time at my parents’, even though the cats keep squabbling for my affection.


Got another door salesman coming over




Gonna phone my old man (it’s his birthday today, 61) then ummm, dunno… might treat Chaz to KFC if he comes round, sit in the hot tub and have a beer or three and watch something on netflix. Hard life innit!


I don’t like it when Maya hisses and is mean to Chihiro. :frowning:


i saw two cats fighting outside the pub the other night, it was fucking brutal! like really mean ninjas.


Goddammit I did an evening post in the day thread whilst you were making this.



Hope you feel better soon @ericthefourth


Waiting on my own in a restaurant because I’m 20 minutes early :-1: going to get some wine while I’m waiting. Half the party have babies so I reckon I’ll be home and watching masterchef by 8:30. Not feeling massively inspired about the Nordic menu but gonna try my best to have something other than meatballs.


Library til it closes #graft

Then supermaket.

Then probably watch a bit of N.ire in the footie.


Bf has a ten pounds Marks and Spencers voucher that hes spending on our dinner tonight :blush:


why u love the library so much hun


Have a compulsory work lunch at zizzi tomorrow

Is it crap?


it’s fine, just like a pizza express or whatever


Used to go to Zizzi loads as it was one of 3 places my ex’s friend would eat.
I always had the Calzone, which was okay for chain Italian


might do some thinking this evening


Another 2hrs 40mins at work. Back in tomorrow at 6 too


Think I might persuade myself to go and watch Death of Stalin. It’s in one of the small screens at the local Vue.

Tea? No idea at this point.


for future ref, the correct protocol post-6pm is to post ‘can someone start the evening thread pls’ in the daily thread