thursday the evening


wuu2 2nite huns? food? etc.

it’s the tv’s birthday so we’re getting in beers and pizza :muscle: yaaaaaaas. watching masterchef in a bit. might throw on a jean claude van damme film or summat.

gonna drink a peach and basil sour later, wish me luck.


Beans on homemade soda bread for tea. Jazzy! Got shittons of work to do but I’m tired so I’m going to bed at 9.

PS talk to me about the sour! I’ve been off the booze but can never resist a sour.


Good evening!

Doing baked potatoes, sausages and assorted veg for tea.

Having a beer and a listen to Spoon in the kitchen. I think we’ll just watch telly later, episode 2 of Devs is on

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Watched loads more Sopranos today, will watch more this evening. Got garlic & chilli roast chicken and spicy potato & egg salad for tea. Sunday dreads kicking in.

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Might have some wine tonight. What do you think? Wine?

WINE OT! Hahahahahaahababaha.

(why not)


I was like “wine O.T.?”

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i’ll do the honours

  • :beer:
  • :wine_glass:
  • :cocktail:
  • :tropical_drink:
  • :smiling_imp:
  • :x:

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Going for a walk, then going to attempt a Tesco shop, first for two weeks (I’ve almost finished my baileys).

Does anyone else feel like quarantine is going really fast, but also really slow at the same time?


Can’t believe we’re halfway through April. Feels like by doing almost exactly the same things every day I’m speeding up time


Just did teriyaki chicken and rice with a bit of veg. Was fine


oh gawd, i’ll have to report back. i don’t mind the odd sour but peaches and basil is pretty out there for me. definitely the wild card in the beer box i bought.

Wash Up
Simpsons Quiz/Beer

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Peach mozzarella and basil makes a nice salad. Irrelevant, sorry :smiley:


Wor Lass made saag tofu and naans. All very good.

I’m supposed to be doing a Through The Keyhole quiz with school friends later but not sure if I can be bothered.

  • Wanky beer
  • Trappist Belgian beer

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Those are the same thing


Absolutely must not booze tonight.

Dinner was a quorn burger and a big pile of salad. Meh.

Going to eavesdrop on the Simpsons quiz hopefully. Other than that… wallow in my own self-pity and misery perhaps?

Just cycled up Mont Ventoux from the (dis)comfort of my living room, so currently too knackered to move. A shower beckons, then wound dressing, beer, leftovers from last night’s veggie roast dinner, reading, writing if ICBA, more Zombie Simpsons in bed.


Totally get it. Certain sections of the day “hang” but overall it’s galloping past. I still can’t believe that- a few trips to the doctor aside- we’ve all been at home for nearly 5 weeks!!
I was kacking myself earlier at the ministerial tv briefing when they were talking about the light at the end of the tunnel coming. Nooooooo. Don’t get me wrong- I miss my family and friends and colleagues, miss other adult company, wearing proper clothes and makeup and going to the gym, out for nice lunches (thanks autocorrect, my stoner days are defo way in the past) and all that. I’ve also had to cope with unbearable sadness and loss and been unable to channel that through my usual coping mechanisms. However I’m in no rush for this time to come to an end. It’s a gift of precious time with my son that I’ll maybe never get again and I’m all over it now (even if we are all now highly dysfunctional and sugar addicted with no sense of the time of day etc.)

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