Thursday, the last day of March

Alright? Been awake on and off for ages which is annoying. Got quite a busy day lined up but it’s payday so that’s nice. Might go for a McD for tea, see if I can be cba. What’s happening today then?


Done my puzzles

Its our last day in this office, and got to to work from home for a couple of weeks at home before can get in new office and everyone is back in as ‘normal’, so going out for thai food with a couple of work pals who have been coming in.


Bored out of my brains by work but I watched Moon Knight in my lunch hour and that was fun.

Making curry tonight. Nothing much to report.

I am now able to walk pretty fast but my foot/ankle aches a lot. It feels like I’m visibly limping but when I see myself in shop windows as I pass I look like I’m walking pretty evenly so I’m not sure.

Gonna make a chai for the walk to work. Wegchai.

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i was running a farm but the chickens wouldnt leave the cows alone and i dug a moat to separate them and the chickens kept falling in


Fell asleep around 2ish. Annoying af. Got half the morning to myself, so taking myself out for a walk until I start work. In until late, but a half-ish day tomorrow to take back the time from yesterday

Got to bed at 12:30am, up at 6:30am.

So tired. So much to do. So much coffee required.

Ears properly ringing this morning too.

Morning all.

Have been offered the job I interviewed for on Tuesday. I’ve asked for until tomorrow to think about it, but I’m going to say yes. It’s a 10%+ pay rise, 30 minutes less commute, and I don’t lose continuity of service for pension, employment rights etc.

Will be telling my manager this morning.

In other news: fuming freezing isn’t it? Roughly 18 degree swing from this time last week.

Been delayed setting off as my phone didn’t charge over night so I had to use another charger to get it high enough to not be worrying about the ticket on the Metrolink app being inaccessible.


So confused. Spent all day yesterday thinking it was Tuesday. Thought my Fitbit had gone wrong today when it said Thursday. Have I been asleep for 24 hours?

Morning all!

I’ve got my last two classes before the Spring Break SPRING BREAK ! so very much focussed on that prize. Both of them are assessments of different kinds so all of my difficult work has either already been done or will be done after they’ve finished (and in one case, after the holidays). I’ll be doing some marking of bits and pieces, and ferrying exam papers around the building this morning. I’m bringing a book but that normally means I won’t get the chance to read it.

We’re having some tofu saag for tea out of the freezer so hopefully the flavours will be bigger.


Winter seems to be back in full swing this morning. Nice clear, sunny skies but it feels about -18 out there.

Going to go for a little pootle around on my bike and swing by the bakeshop to get a sausage roll for lunch.

It’s snowing. Feel like I should get a snow day from sheer confusion.

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Toast and chai in bed. Why should the day progress beyond this?

Meeting two babes about a fun project this morning, then cramming in a week’s worth of work into like 2 hours.

Cat just almost knocked himself out by running into the wall.

Same, little buddy


Heed the ‘Caution hot beverage warning’.

Heed it and understand them



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If anyones flying from Manchester in the near future get here a day early. Because I’ve been in the security queue for 2hrs

Fucking joke

So cold

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Got sent this. Not sure if it’s been approved by @anon50098204’s lawyers


Oh man! Is this a thing now? No idea but feel like maybe we need to be at airports earlier than we used to? Hope not.