Thursday the morning


Got up and did a HIIT workout and came close to vomming but didnt sound counting that as a win. Watching cheers, eating a bagel. Pretty happy with that.


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Final day with the 12-year-olds! And then need to make all of my feminist film quiz questions for tonight. All of this whilst slightly hungover.

Well done on not vomming, we were all counting on you.

Today I’ve got a conference thing that I thought started at 10 or something but it actually doesn’t start until lunchtime. I’ve blocked out my calendar for the whole day so I’m obviously not going to log in to my work laptop at all.

The pain in my side is getting worse, so I should also think about drawing up my last will and testament.

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Went for a run. It was light!!!

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mornin e5, DiS

what were you doing? spin bike?

Squats, jumps, mountain climbers n whatnot.

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Getting my first ever big boy haircut today, normally get it done in a converted garage behind Home Bargains if I’m in the UK, or a very standard barbers if I’m here.

Getting the full works, styled haircut (never had a style ever), beard trimming, eyebrows, that thing where they set your ears on fire, everything. Quite hyped and also scared.


Morning all. Am in a good mood because

  • today’s my Friday
  • I managed to get all our Florida pictures off my phone last night :slight_smile:

Morning eV, all,

Had an extraordinarily fun dream that kept me looping around some made up stations in what I think was a cross between Barcelona and Prague’s undergrounds.

Think I need to get on board with this HIIT jazz. There’s nothing quite like being made to feel like you’re going to vom from fitness. Plus I’m lead to believe it all happens in a short amount of time. Can anyone recommend any decent free video routines?

Shit nights sleep. Work then gym tonight, nowt else planned

Currently having an argument about me not bringing the new toilet paper upstairs after the shopping came last night. Life.

i’m on the other bit of my job this week so there’s a little bit more free time between jobs, writing down ideas for track structures and the like. quite chill so far, vaping on the sly in the office.

Please document this in any and every way you possibly can

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Woah! you can get your ears fired? You reckon that’s safe to do at home?

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What could possibly go wrong?

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Did this one this morning, no idea if it’s “good” or not

Hey! I get bored easily! nice. I’ll report provide a full vom report later, or tomorrow or whenever i try this.

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Please document this in any and every way you possibly can


I’m in early after two days off ill. Have had to bring my bass in to learn new songs for our new band. If anyone wants me I’ll be hiding in a meeting room during breaks trying to finish the songs.


Off today. First day of full daddy daycare today. Already given her scrambled egg, beans and some toast, and had the rest myself. Going to go into town for rhyme time and a coffee, get some baby milk for later and then not sure what else. Got Gia Margaret on the speakers. She’s so lovely.