Thursday the third day of June evening thread

It’s the evening thread
I wish i was asleep
What are you all doing?

I’m going to watch some junk tv I think. I feel exhausted. These shorter weeks feel longer than normal ones.

it’s hot but I have to cook :frowning:


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Going to play Monster Hunter with my tits out.

Not on stream.

Going to a funfair, don’t want to go, will try to not be the miserable one even though that’s the energy inside right now


Though I won’t be cooking those

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Mr s_w cooked a delicious tea (tandoori chicken with nann bread, salad & tzatziki) while I finished my reflective diary. I’m still working on my reflective diary. I think I’m forever going to be working on my reflective diary…

Lying on the bed listening to music and psyching myself up to do bedtime routine.

Out for a wee solo pint, think I’ll have another and then head up the road and make some dinner. How the fuck is it not Friday?!


especially if you stand in front of a mirror

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Yeah, it definitely should be Friday by now


Looking at holidays, thinking of Scotland. How are the midges in August??

Or Yorkshire…hmmm.

That’s where I’ve been going wrong :smiley:

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Watching the end of the cricket. Then might…dunno

Both are nice, hope this helps.


Hello froglet and everyone

Had a stupid day of fucking around sorting out last minute bike things before going away tomorrow. Missed pretty much a whole day of work as I forgot to take my laptop charger with me. Not I have to pack and eat and tidy the house before sleeping terribly due to pre-bike holiday anxiery :upside_down_face:

I mean it was just a bank holiday Monday so it could be a Saturday but definitely a fucking Friday :thinking:

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Just made ancho lentil tacos with pico de gallo. Meant to be saving the leftovers for nachos at the weekend but…

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having some crab linguine for tea. going out to meet an erstwhile DiSer for a pint later… though the sky looks pretty ominous right now :thinking:

  • It’s gonna rain :cloud_with_rain:
  • It aint
  • steve reich joke

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