Thursday (the thread, not the band)

Morning. What’s occurring?

This ridiculous posh hotel has a cafetiere in my room, which I was very excited by, but the coffee is bumhat. Never mind.

Got a pointless meeting from eight till three, then a casual 200 mile drive home. Standard.

What have you got against Thursday the band?

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I went to bed at 21:15 last night slept like a fucking baby.

There are clients visiting our offices today so the CEO sent an email out asking us to tidy our desks and not wear board shorts & flip flops so I’m dressed like this today.




Looking sharp pal


A poor man’s Funeral For A Friend.

Never heard them tbf, just being #adick



Massive ^ this

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I’m hungry and my throat still hurts. Looking forward to seeing The Incredibles 2 tomorrow though.


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Kept waking up in the night and remembering that England lost and not being able to sleep for ages. Only ever done that with break-ups.

I feel like death due to the shit sleep, but more than that, I just feel so sad and hollow, like I’ve lost something special. You know the feeling? I’ve never felt it about football before, even though I feel far stronger about Tonbridge than England. I guess there’s nothing we do that doesn’t happen every season or can’t happen again in a few seasons. Whereas WORLD CUP.

I’ll get over it, but :frowning:

Weekly ‘drank too much and have to go to Edinburgh’ post.



Morning all. Today I will mostly be doing job applications.

Covering letters are really shit and pointless aren’t they? You can tell you want to interview someone from their CV, so why make them write several pages of “I want this job and you should interview me because I will be good.” Ditto transferring all the info from your CV into some other stupid format.


So many calls this morning. Bleurgh. In-laws are rocking up this evening amd staying until Monday. They’re lovely but it’s really going to minimise my quiet time.

Morning all.

In the doghouse this morning. Apparently I was snoring all night and the TV got no sleep. Proper quiet treatment at breakfast.

Lots of work to do. Hopefully I can fit it all in around the eating that I’m planning on doing.

Hangover :’( work :’(

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Fair point - probably massively depends on whether it’s something where you’ll get 100’s of applications that need sorting vs just a few. I’m mainly just grumpy about having to spend hours rewording the same information multiple times.

Got half a grot pizza in the fridge which I pt on the way back from the pub last night (£5 for a 12 inch veggie volcano, natch)

  • Consume it all immediately
  • Save it for lunch
  • Half now, half later

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The phrase ‘grot pizza’ does not suggest an inspiring breakfast, but does suggest a welcome lunch.

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The box has turned translucent

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