Thursday (the thread, not the band)


The phrase ‘grot pizza’ does not suggest an inspiring breakfast, but does suggest a welcome lunch.


The box has turned translucent


this is very very good


I said bless you to a policeman yesterday, can cross that one off the list


Details like that make it hard to see the Michelin stars.


morning, sleepy, lovely day


Kinda made peace with the WC loss yesterday and can now give my full attention to one of the best cricket summers (in terms of weather) we’ve had for ages.

Had a very chatty tube driver this morning, ‘thank you for travelling on the Northern line’ every other stop. None of us are here by choice friend*

*Well, we are, I guess, if you’re going to get existential.


Thank you.

Double whammy, because I thought of something in the shower (do not read anything into this):


Now that nobby is no longer dancing, I’m throwing the rest of my week (outside of the day job) into getting the new version of my ballet school website up, leaving my weekend free to record a lot of guitar parts for my lil album that’s been plodding along



Really felt like taking R out for the morning (train ride, book shop, cafe and return train ride), but he is grumpy and wants to stay at home. Doesn’t even want to go to the playground. Guess we are staying in then :-1:



Shocking night’s sleep (inexplicably awake from 4-5.30) then a shocking drive to work (breakdown in the roadworks, so no hard shoulder - >30 min delas), all redeemed by pulling into the car park at work and seeing a guy who had been shat on by a bird but blatantly hadn’t noticed :laughing:


So so low on motivation at work atm. Dunno what’s wrong with me.

Gonna take an extended lunch to return some library books and get my mum some actual stuff to open for her birthday. Gonna be wandering round Spitalfields for ages aren’t I, urgh.


Morning everyone, I have a few things to say:

@Jeremys_Iron Took me a while to realise you weren’t talking about the toilet.

@Mistersteve I’m very jealous of your poetry skills.

@weeber thats a shame :frowning: it’s not like you’re doing it on purpose! I used to get a wee bit irked when the tv snored until I went away with a friend and she informed me through the night she kept on hitting me with a towel whenever I snored (I don’t do well in stuffy modern buildings) and I was mortified.


:grinning: gutting the bathroom in beard house.


Nobby’s never gonna dance again
Gareth’s team have got no rhythm
Though it’s easy to pretend
I know I’m not a fool


You got any holidays booked soon m9? Sounds like you could do with one. Just to clarify, a holiday that does not involve you pedalling in any way, shape or form.



Haven’t had one of those for YEARS and not likely to have one any time soon tbqh.


I’ve got almost a full pizzas worth left over from last night.

Had one slice for breakfast, will have most of the rest for lunch, and finish it as a starter for my meal tonight.

The sun has gone, the heat has gone, England are out of the World Cup. I miss summer.


Jess CBA either.


Eventful morning.

2 man ran for the train at Hornsey and then when they were on, one of the guys (who was Eastern European) was saying to the other guy “why did you push me like that? we’re both going for the train” and the other guy wasn’t responding so he carried on “it’s so rude why would you be so rude like that?” and then I don’t know what happened by the other guy (who was fucking massive) just snapped and started being like THIS IS ENGLAND DON’T PUSH ME WHERE ARE YOU GETTING OFF I’M GOING TO FOLLOW YOU AND GET YOU YOU’RE LUCKY THERE ARE PEOPLE HERE THIS IS FUCKING ENGLAND
I wanted to say hang on that’s not what we do in England but my bf told me not to get involved so that was it really. Then the man started being to everyone DONT FUCKING LOOK AT ME I’LL KNOCK YOU OUT

Then I had really bad stomach cramps and cried because I needed to do a poo so bad that I was gonna get off the train but then I managed to hold it together until work when I shat my brains out.