Thursday (the thread, not the band)


Oh 2007 xylo you poor, poor fool


How did she make it through to breakfast?
I’d be giving a sharp elbow to the back if the snoring was that bad.

I must add that I snore horrendously and would be very pissed off if I got woken up via an elbow to the back but I gots double standards for days


Anthropologie has nice bits?


Mate this was a real rollercoaster of a post to read but your last para has absolutely done me.


On the flight back from NY we were laughing our heads off at this man snoring soooooo loudly that this lady a few seats up was getting SO PISSED OFF.

Then I fell asleep and was snoring so loudly, bf could hear it over the loudest volume on his headphones.

That lady was then giving me daggers for the rest of the flight. WOOPS.


Slept very oddly last night. Dead asleep for about five hours and then wide awake from around six onwards.

Have an improv gig tonight. Will be playing prepared guitar. Fucking no idea how this is going to go, only played with one of the musicians before.


Love it. It also reminded me of this;


Haha!! Awww. I mean, what can you really do about it? I felt so shit when my friend moaned about mine! :frowning: I didn’t feel relaxed trying to sleep for the rest of the trip. She was told recently she did some weird things in her sleep and I could see her reacting the same as me, it’s horrible when you can’t really control it!


good call


I got stomach cramps while driving a colleague to this meeting. Nightmare scenario.


I do a shit load of weird things in my sleep but I don’t really care how much of a mad woman that makes me. I also know I guff my brains out when I sleep (wake myself up loads too) so when I was sharing a room with my mate in NY, I was like ohhh fuck. But then nothing happened? She said I was a bit chatty but I don’t really say actual words.

No one can help what they do in their sleep!


it did look like I was crying cause this man was kicking off tho so I must have looked odd


Clearly yer man had not gotten over our brave boy’s defeat in Russia.


Only just remembered one chilling event during last night’s game:

When we were 1-0 up, I said to A (who id invited out with the lads despite her supporting France, which I feel was gracious of me) “what are Croatia even famous for?”

And she said “smashing England in the semis?”

And then they scored :cry::rage:

Obviously going to be picking up my Croatia shirt before Sunday. :croatia:


Oof, she did you there.


Morning :coffee: :sleeping:
Also in the cba club. It’s getting bloody warmer again, isn’t it? Apparently there’s a yellow weather warning for thunderstorms at some point though.
Also broke a nail. Hmmph


I think one of my favourite things was 2 england fans squaring up to each other outside waterloo station. You know how I knew they were england fans? Both were adorned in waistcoats. Looked like a bareknuckle boxing fight from the 1920s.


REALLY need a storm, the garden is gasping


Therein lies the irony - she’s the snorer in the house. It’s horrendous most nights. I’ve suffered through it for 15(!) years.

Last night was a once in a blue moon event.

Edit: On the flipside I am dreadful for sleepwalking. The night before my wedding I went sleepwalking into the street (at my brothers house) and managed to lock myself out. Another time I woke up in the bath - with water in it.


I do feel sorry for the plants and grass, some of it is absolutely scorched! Petrified of thunderstorms but will do the adult thing and hide under my duvet until it’s over