Thursday (the thread, not the band)


Suck it, other thread!


On bloody tenterhooks waiting for Tonbridge’s fixtures.


:smiley: saw loads of #LADS in waistcoats swigging cans and looking sad when I was walking home last night. Really odd, quite like it though. Like walking through an out of control business meeting




Ha! Loads in waistcoats and shorts too, like Mumford on holiday.


Morning all!

Was planning on taking The Child to soft play but she nearly fell asleep just now and we’re probably going tomorrow too. Might take her to Clarks for shoe fitting.


Lovely, lovely stuff :D!
One chap had a pink face, where he’d obviously tried to wipe off the red and white face paint. Was tempted to give him a hug but thought best not


Aww you’re such a good soul kerms, I’m sure he’d been delighted with a hug but yeah best to leave them to it. I can’t say hugging the waterloo lads even crossed my mind.


Filming another interview. Definitely less nervous about it, though I’ve still got that weird stomach feeling


i saw two guys in full suits properly knocking seven shades of shit out of one another and chasing each other round the concourse and stuff at a station in london years ago. they were both wearing rucksacks which gave the whole thing a bit of a hilarious playground vibe.

the police turned up and tried to seperate them and they both kept breaking free to twat each other a bit more. was weirdly hypnotic to watch.



Coked up city boys are the absolute worst :expressionless:


oh i know. my uncle is one and he’s a total weapon. once made me essentially homeless and then bought me a pie about a month later to “apologise” (by which i mean lecture me about how i’d misunderstood the whole situation, which i fucking hadn’t)



Sweet or savoury?


it was a steak pie in a pub next to bridge in london (that’s a shame much as i remember)

he completely ruined it by sitting there existing while i was trying to enjoy it.

i also once missed a tortoise/lightning bolt gig i’d been really looking forward
to because of him. hard to tell which of these transgressions have made me dislike him more tbh.


What a monster. This is unforgivable.


Just had a horribly botched blood test :+1:


What is it about rich uncles? I’ve got one too and he’s…yeah.



Working all this week with this publication that I’m editing. Had a nice little meeting with the designer yesterday (I know him from other things and picked him, and this is his first proper job out of art school!), and looked through lots and lots of old photos and things. Today I’ll mostly be editing other people’s articles, probably. Finally got our official greeting from the Minister of Culture as well!



Eugh, this is one of my great low-level fears in life. Hope it wasn’t too painful.


Sitting in an empty flat awaiting Ikea delivery, still haven’t done any proper moving of stuff on account of the weather