Thursday (the thread, not the band)


Starting to wear off now. Not sure what one of the needles went into, but when she tried to draw I literally screamed.


Oh wow that’s horrible. One of those things where I really really appreciate it being done well.


Ikea are taking their sweet time


i am very tired guys


mate who i havent seen in ages coz she lives abroad wants a night out tonight. I am knackered. I am seeing her over in the states in august anyway. i don’t want to go :frowning: but i will. but i don’t want to


knackered solidarity, xylo :fist_left:


sleepy crew 4 lyf


Which hypnotic background sport should I bung on for the last few hours of the working day

  • Cricket: England vs. India ODI
  • Cycling: TdF stage 6
  • Tennis: some twats being watched by loads of tories

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It’ll be one of those nights where you aren’t feeling it at all and then a couple of pornstar martinis later you’re absolutely loving life.


Get out of my head


Banger tbf.


It’s raining heavily (thank god), and I’ve seen a few flashes of lightning – but not heard any thunder! Isn’t that pretty weird, you guys?