Thursday: The Thread

Easy! What’s going on? Not much to report really. In true thursday filth I had a sexy dream last night but also a portion of it was me existentially worrying about being an adulterer so that was fun.

What’re you on with?

reckon I might mow the lawn today

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Seems like the thing to do this time of year man. I think I’ll do mine on Sunday. How often do you keep on top of it? I’m very lazy.

once a week mowing and trimming back shit. Unfortunately it’s a fairly large garden so I have to keep on top of it.

Wouldn’t mind trading it with someone for a small slab of concrete.

Once a week! You’re a better man that I bammers.

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Check yer hayfever privilege! :wink:


Today is my Friday. Started working at 7 so might do fuck all and watch the footy from 4. Lots of packing to do later

Where ye off to aggers?

New bloody Dean, on Monday

Dean - Dean gaffney - gaff - house



Oooft! Apologies, I haven’t been in the house thread for a while. This gonna be your own then? You all mortgaged up?

Feeling really rough this morning and I don’t know why.

Off to the cat cafe later for lunch.

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Yeah. Pretty exciting. Get to drive a fan and buy lots of 2nd hand /IKEA furniture too.

Current owners have decent taste so not masses to do once we’re in


The latter is gonna help a lot with the former there matey!

Ah man congrats! That’s great news! It’s an absolute beauty too and the price has made me feel very ill!


Got 2 months before the bike dickheads come and ruin it



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Hello! Today is my Friday and then 4 day weekend. However I am mad busy over the next 5 days with performing in

2 X gigs
2 x musicals

I’ve never done the latter and let me tell you, I’m shitting it

Morning team,

I had a dream last night and in it was world renowned Disser and thrower of plastic furniture @Aggpass I was running around the airport (maybe something to do with @Epimer s airport thread yesterday) with him and his lady friend trying to make sure they made their flight to Barbados. Delighted to say they made it, only just though, maybe leave a bit more time for your journey ma man! :grinning:

Suns out and I got a tonne of awkward shit sorted at work yesterday. In a pretty good mood.


You’ll be hoovering up Frazzle crumbs for months.

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