Thursday Thevening Fred

Used to have random showers. Can’t do work in the shower.

  • Go for a walk
  • Drink a beer
  • Go for a walk then drink a beer
  • Drink a beer then go for a walk
  • Drink a beer on your walk
  • Dont go for a walk and dont drink a beer

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I just self sabotage so much and think I deserve my free time to be free to do nothing, but that’s such a childish view…and one I’ll never shake. 3 nights to research, write and make/edit a short academic film will be such a nightmare and yet, I’m still here, posting on dis.

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I spend most of my life opening Slack to see if something has gone drastically wrong on the live website for work. Horrible way to live.

Don’t know what to do.

Hope you feel better soon @shes_so_high x

Feeling stressed, gonna eat dinner then go to bed

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:heart: hope you’re ok

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Oh, it was more of a bored don’t know what to do than my usual despair! Thank you tho :heart:


And you bs, is it likely something is wrong and is the penalty high if so? If not, I think theres apps that block off websites for a period of time, may be good to block it off so it can’t be checked as regualrly

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Aww my bad, I think my sour mood is being projected :laughing:

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Constant worry that one of my changes has accidentally destroyed the whole business. But yeah wfh and then constantly looking at Slack - never really not at work. It’s actually totally wrong isn’t it? Back in the day you’d leave work go home and that’d be it. Now your boss can get hold of you in the blink of an eye. Might uninstall Slack.

It’s not helped by the fact that he never stops. He’ll add new tasks at any time of day/night, which automatically get dropped into Slack and sends an email.

Might uninstall my own brain.

this sounds like a living nightmare

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i concede that my dietary habits are a bit 1950s at best, but who the fuck eats corn beef hash in 2020:

  • me, tonight
  • me, but not tonight
  • not me, used to
  • not me, ever

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Just home from a long walk. Saw some ducks and some lads filming a rap video

I’ve got work email notifications turned off on my phone. Same for Slack, unless I get tagged. But knowing there’s probably things there involving me means I end up looking all the time.


my mum eats corned beef, smells and looks disgusting

The bad thing about not wearing make up all the time at the moment is that it gives me free reign to CONSTANTLY rub my eyeballs.


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quite like it in a sandwich but cba with it as a main meal.

But harsh on your old’ ma :wink: