Thursday Thilth Thread

Why can’t there be more videos called “attractive couple have mutually satisfying sex” instead of “DONKEY-COCKED stud TRICKS step-sibling BITCH into QUARANTINE PAINAL”? The last thing I want while watching porn is to be made to feel like some kind of pervert.

Anyway, how’s lockdown affecting your filth consumption?


Everything is banging his step-mom this or boning his step-sister that or something similar and that is just not my bag, baby


I’d personally prefer to watch a video called “attractive couple have sex which satisfies the lady more than the man, if anything” but that’s just me…


Count how many times you hear that said. Truth is it’s simply

“couple have a plain lovely consensual time and they both get exactly what they want”

“Attractive couple decide to watch The Sopranos again instead”


My friend says… video uploaders of gay porn really have no idea what constitutes a big dick, specifically compared to what’s actually present in the video. Or what “smooth” means.

So I’ve heard. From my friend.

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Couple mutually agree they’re actually a bit tired and full because dinner was simply too large


I have said too much

Man it’s a hot one

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Like seven inches :clock12: :sun_with_face:

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Is this like that thing where the adverts you get are based on your previous google searches?

“50-something couple promise each other fantastic sex when they get home from the pub but decide it’s all a bit too much effort and settle for cosy spooning and snoring in each other’s ear”


It is not.

What! No way! There’s a US Office one of those that’s really good. Also Bobby B hosts a true crime thing about hitmen and often just drops things like “there’s no doubt he’s a scumbag” into the script.

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Yeah, right, 50s. Definitely not mid 30s :grimacing:

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I frequently have anxiety dreams/nightmares where I’m surreptitiously cranking one out on a bus or train, except it transpires that I wasn’t actually being surreptitious at all and was masturbating in full view of everyone and it’s intensely shameful.

Quite a lot like that, I imagine.


Two Smooth Twinks Get All Pass/Agg With Each Other In The Co-Op Because They Can’t Decide Which Haagen-Dazs To Add To Their Multibuy Offer, No Callum We Had The Fucking Fake Oreo One Last Week And No One’s Eaten It Cos It Tastes Like Dust Just Get Some Extra Spring Rolls For Fuck Sake.


keep going


don’t watch porno, myself, but respect those who do

LOL fucking perverts :rofl: :joy: