Thursday Thilth

My relationships are not known for their longetivity unfortunately

had morning sex for the first time in a long time on the weekend and it’s really just the only proper way to start the day, isn’t it? I was a whole different person - practically skipping, being totally insufferable

Jordan has already confirmed upthread.

cwbaft etc

Yet solo just leads to being really tired on the commute and harbouring an abstract feeling of guilt

Even more excuse to snuggle up for warmth, surely?

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Definitely a thing. Then once you’ve eaten and jizzed one out you feel like you genuinely might actually die, because your body thinks it’s done everything it ever needs to do


Greetings from

Going to get a donut, then mill about. Watched a lot of movies yesterday, and later tonight my friend’s film is premiering and I’m going as one of her guests.


I’ve had some horrible bj experiences (#ssp please do not turn this into a Boris Johnson joke) that I didn’t feel able to raise with those receiving them. It has totally put me off giving them, with the exception of one person who has a truly fantastic penis and excellent etiquette. I THINK ABOUT GIVING HIM ONE ALL THE TIME FFS really hope it happens when I see him in a fortnight :heart_eyes:

Horrible how? (Don’t feel obliged to answer, just curious)

christ, you’re very handsome!


Picture-perfect stubble

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Y’all are so damn kind

It’s disgusting, isn’t it?
Shouldn’t be allowed.



libido is through the fucking roof these days, lads. everyone is hot.


69 days. Nice.


i’m very sorry to tell you this but it looks like you’ve arrived 5 years late


I prefer

  • Seeing attractive people in hot weather wearing revealing or limited clothing
  • Seeing attractive people in cold weather when they’re all wrapped up warm and cute

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