THURSDAY thread 15th April

Morning DiS. At work here, quick coffee then dashing around. Happy Thursday.



Just done the dog his breakfast and popped a couple of toasts in for me. Then it’ll be a very frosty bike ride to work.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning all!

The Child ruined my sleep by being awake every 90m or so for no good reason. I am the tired.

I have some household chores to complete before I get back to computer games.

We’re having a keema tonight.

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2nd breakfast time


Got to get up, do some work, take kids for a haircut, get a key cut and go to the optician.

Exciting times.

I’m sure there are shops that would do all three


Message on Slack at 07.40 this morning about how sales have fallen off a cliff since lockdown eased we need to do something quick, can you let me know when you’re in (logged on).

Except I’m off today and tomorrow. It’s on the calendar. Am I supposed to constantly remind him that I’m off in the run-up to me being off? Even though it’s been on the calendar for weeks?

  • You’re right to be annoyed
  • You should remind him you’re off even though it’s been on the calendar for weeks

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Possibly the tattoo place near mine

I’ll be over in 6 hours

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I’ll put the kettle on

Nothing to report.

Catching up with some first dates hotel. Looks like a decent day out there. Probably go a big walk at some point, although, very unusually, bairn 2 usually screams a lot when she’s in the pram - is it poor form if I just put my earphones in?

This isn’t an either or thing though?


I would’ve mentioned it if I felt like he was expecting a piece of work to be done by the end of this week or whatever, but it didn’t feel like there was a particular pressure on anywhere. YOU’RE THE FUCKING BOSS, THIS IS WHY WE USE A SHARED CALENDAR. LOOK AT IT.

100% team barleysugar on this

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Morning all, its lush here. Just finalising school run prep, today is the same as all the other days but that’s not so bad. Banana brought to you by Bowser, an improvement on yesterday’s failed Peach.


Excellent work :banana:

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i’d say just dingy him

replying to say you’re not at work is working. just fuck it off completely. it’s on the calendar, it’s someone else’s problem.


got up at 7:30 this morning. quite nice just to lollygag around for a while before work isn’t it, sip on some coffee and just enjoy being quiet for a bit.

that said, busted my ass to get something finished for today that now nobody cares about so that’s nice. been forced to take a week off next week, dunno what to do with myself. might go for some walks.


Woke up with hiccups. Weird.