Thursday thread 15th November

Just got in the hotel from work… been up for 24hrs now… :sleeping:

Gonna try and have a nap, wake up for the end of the premier breakfast, then go back to bed.

What you up to?

Finishing off a day where I discovered I’d resolved an issue a customer is having but the code got regressed and never sent through for a variety of reasons. This is all quite frustrating.

Morning Matt, Theo. Longish day at work, followed by the (I think) final night of Teenage Fanclub with Gerry Love, not that they’re talking about it. They will be playing this in the B-sides section, though, and it’s ridiculously beautiful.


Morning Matt, Theo, Gareth

Really wish I wasn’t up, but I am. Curse it.

Have a great day everyone.

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Had too many beers last night.

Pass the coffee…from the left hand side.

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Gonna have me a proper breakfast in Utrecht. Why not ay?

Oh need to go to Edinburgh for last revision tutorial before the exam. Kind of feel like the tutors know less than us at this point.

Up early to go into work for 8 - off to Edinburgh tonight, Ryanair switched the usual 8pm flight to a 7pm, so I need to be away from the office by 4pm. I would say it’ll be nice to be there earlier, but I’m sure it’ll still be an hour delayed. Don’t care though, as I only have one more to do after this week!!!

Giant mug of cba otherwise. Meant to go to bed early, didn’t cos I was too wrapped up in my Civ 5 game, then I woke up a bunch of times in the night.

Morning Matt, after the bustle of Hanoi I’m on a two day cruise in Halong Bay. Just had a long lunch of massive prawns, squid and oysters washed down with some sauv blanc. Now lounging it off on the deck where this is my view. Are you going to Halong Bay?


You may have explained this numerous times but how did drunken roommate get the prefix ‘drunken’?

She’s a doctor and is more of a Ryu type.

No no, in YOU trekked.



Because she drinks a lot and loses her phone, credit cards, falls over and gets concussion… since we’re on a boat and I figure nothing too bad can happen I’m joining in today.


Halong Bay: is it?

He’s given the ref a decision to make…

red card.gif

Very rash so early in the game

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throws arms up in protest, then wryly shakes head in acceptance

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Yes, boat cocktails.

Boat cocktails are £3 each, what else are you gonna do?


Go to work in Edinburgh unfortunately…


Unless Scotrail have invented a teleporter :crossed_fingers: