THURSDAY thread 20th May

Morning, got to dash but figured I’d fire up the Thursday thread. Have a good one…

EDIT. Dave Stewart appears to have a mobile phone here in 1982!


Pretty fancy phone with video like that on it! :smiley:

The tech existed then and I guess a car like that having a carphone was reasonable but presumably they’re trying to be super-high tech.

I can recall them huge brick mobiles at the tail end of the 80’s, but not 1982…

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So the original brick (thanks Wikipedia) prototype was made in 1972! Definitely seems like a case of the tech being real outside of the UK and put into a video to make it seem ultra-cool and different.


I’ve really hurt my knee and I cant tell if it’s from lots of fast walking, squats, or my aerobics, I think its from walking which seems the most unlikely but its the only thing I’ve done lots of recently for the first time in ages.

Anyway, got to walk to didsbury and back this morning so that’s going to be nice and painful for about 2 hours :upside_down_face:


Pretty sure it’s not real but it’s great foresight in the video and looks modern even now somehow. I recall the song being kind of re-released on the back of the success of Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This), then the following Who’s That Girl all being quite an electric trio of singles. In my mind they are overall quite a formulaic outfit with hindsight, but they were really onto something in that early 80’s period.

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Off for my second 5G chip this afternoon. Will have a beer to celebrate.

(Morning all!)


Morning! R is 14 today. Which seems mad.

He is still in bed of course. Has requested macaroni cheese for tea so that’s something to look forward to.

Have an excellent Thursday all.

Also attn @keith all went very well yesterday so that’s good. Although still feel it was entirely ridiculous but that is life.


On my way to my GP for a shot. Sadly not THE shot though. Ponies later!


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Had a few cocktails last night and didn’t sleep well.


I’m glad it went well.

Enjoy your macaroni (and the birthday of your child!)

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How old is V now?

Morning all!

I’m not planning on doing much today.

Some little bits of admin regarding admissions for next year and some marking for tomorrow, maybe. I’ve got a class at 6.30 but they need time to do some writing so I don’t need to do much.

I’m taking myself for a coffee if the weather stays nice.

Really want to get back tobbeing a morning person :frowning: dunno how

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Current location


Think I’ve trapped a nerve in my shoulder.

In-laws coming to stay from this afternoon until Monday. Nice that it can happen again but boy is that a long stretch.


The autumnal weather is back. Rain and strong winds forecast all day today and tomorrow so I’ll be mostly staying indoors. Will have to try and get the dog out at some point.

Been meaning to replace the kitchen tap for a while, so might try and get that sorted.